Embedded Wellness Program

Tailored specifically to offer better support for experts.




What is Embedded Wellness Program?

Embedded Wellness Program empowers our technical experts to become more resilient, innovative problem solvers and be able

to work productively in teams and high-pressure situations.  

Embedded Wellness Program For Experts 

Here are just some of the things that are included in the Embedded Wellness Program:

Wellness Toolkit And Tips For A Healthier Life

Building awareness, strengths, resources and toolkits

Tips for a healthier life

One on one sessions to harness performance potentials, better manage stress and increase resilience

Professional Development And Connections

Opportunity to network and connect with other experts

Relevant and tailored work base professional development

Increase confidence and be more influential over others


Coaching And Support

Ongoing Tailored Wellness Coaching

Support to fulfil their personal potential

Accelerate the development towards leadership, excellence and success

Regular check-ins and phone support 


The program focuses on complementing technical capabilities with exceptional mental fitness.

In order to assist our clients to deliver critical projects on time and on budget, Embedded Expertise Experts receive ongoing support from our talent managers.

Below are some of the benefits that our clients receive when they engage any of our experts:

  • Experts who have sound technical and soft skills
  • Seamless integration and management of embedded expert resources into your project team
  • Experts who are empowered to work within agile teams and support our clients’ through knowledge transfer
  • Increased project efficiency with resilient experts who are purposeful, focused and thrive in high-pressure environments
  • Professional expert within your project team who are more self-aware, engaged, inspired and mentally fit.




Virginia Williams 800-500

Virginia Williams

General Manager - Embedded Expertise

"It fills me with pride to have developed an Embedded Wellness Program, uniquely curated for experts within the Embedded Expertise business.   

It is a passion of mine to provide a level of care for our experts that enables them to perform at their best, develop both professionally and personally and thrive as individuals, in all facets of their life.  

Our experts tell me the program is challenging and enormously rewarding, giving them a community with which to grow."