Embedded Expertise welcomes new senior talent manager

Embedded Expertise , Feb 18, 2019 5:29:30 PM

In February, David Duenzl embarked on the role of ‘senior talent manager’ with SAGE Group’s recruitment brand Embedded Expertise, and will be responsible for growing the business across Melbourne and Sydney.

With a multifaceted background, Mr Duenzl brings a wealth of experience in the areas of recruitment, HR, communications training, negotiating and business development.

As a former SAGE Automation recruiter a decade ago, Mr Duenzl was happy to learn there are still quite a few familiar faces at the company today, which he believes is a sign of stability and growth.

David Duenzl - PortraitNew Senior Talent Manager David Duenzl will be responsible for growing Embedded Expertise across Melbourne and Sydney

More recently, Mr Duenzl has been busy growing his English language and communications business which services international clients. He says this experience balancing time and resources as well as leveraging relationships, will be vital in his new role with Embedded Expertise.

“This natural alignment with delivery results for clients and growing and developing businesses is what excited me about joining the SAGE team” Mr Duenzl said.

General Manager of Embedded Expertise Virginia Williams says appointing Mr Duenzl to the Senior Talent Manager role will provide more scope and specialisation for key clients within NSW and Victoria who require specific skill sets to fulfil their project goals.

“David will further develop our relationships and offering across all our sectors, delving deep into established and new relationships with the whole SAGE Group” said Ms Williams.

Outside of work, the father-of-two is a force to be reckoned with, as a black belt in Japanese Martial Arts Practice ‘Bujinkan Ninjutsu.’ While at his family home, not one but three different languages are spoken – English, Japanese and Korean – although Mr Duenzl admits his 3 year-old daughter is better at Korean than he is.

The senior talent manager will be based in Melbourne, full-time.

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