The benefits of using engineering recruitment agencies

Virginia Williams , Feb 26, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Every engineering project is different. The one thing that remains constant is the demand for high quality employees with reliable industry experience and strong technical knowledge to fit each project.

The problem is that finding new staff with the necessary qualifications and experience can become a chore. Hiring a new staff member can take anywhere up to four months. Globally, it takes an average of 62 days to hire someone in the engineering industry. It can cost an organisation up to $34 000 due to productivity and hiring costs.

Even though it may be exciting to expand your engineering team and welcome new talent, your recruitment process can still fail to produce the desired result. You may end up feeling like the right candidates are nowhere to be seen and the applications that come in lack the impressiveness you’re looking for.

So how can you find and hire the best engineers? By engaging the services of specialist engineering talent resourcing company.

Unlike the typical recruitment, Embedded Expertise leverages its pool of quality technical experts to find your ideal candidate. These experts are currently placed in roles, and ready to work for you when you need.

We’ll send only appropriately pre-screened and qualified candidates, streamlining your recruitment process. And because Embedded Expertise is part of the SAGE Group, we have over 25 years’ experience in industrial industries, so we know good talent when we see it.  

Our resourcing experts pair employers with candidates with reliable industry experience and strong technical knowledge to fit each project.



Benefits of using an engineering resourcing company like Embedded:


1.     They have the necessary experience


Finding the right employees is easier said than done. There are a lot of factors to consider like their experience, proximity, salary, trustworthiness and more. This can make the recruitment process long, tedious – and potentially – unproductive.

Our technical talent resourcing experts, on the other hand, have all the necessary experience to ensure that you don’t have to worry about getting the right employees.

Given our breadth of experience placing candidates, we can ask the right questions to validate the experience and skills of potential candidates. Additionally, we consider their needs and expectations regarding contract rates and the projects they are paired with.

Additionally, we have connections in place that allow us to carry out in depth research on each candidate’s past and references to find out examples of their softer skills in managing people and their clients.


2.     They can identify discrepancies in candidates’ profiles


Most employers do not have the time to research each candidate they come across but engineering recruitment agencies do. We analyse each candidate’s profile, CV and work history, but also get to know each candidate on a personal level, so we can better match them to a suitable client. We really hone in on where the candidate has worked best in projects and the skills they have demonstrated.

Even if your project is completely unique, we have access to a generous prescreened talent pool of contract engineers that provide a range of technical and soft skills that you might not even know you need!


3.     They have special knowledge of the industry


Our technical resourcing experts have a clear understanding of what the job consists of and the crucial skills needed when finding and sourcing top engineering talent. It is their job to keep up to date with the company news, people, developments and current affairs in the industry. They understand the hiring process and can find top talent and match those talents up with the right projects.

Employers are demanding much more from their candidates these days, which suits the industry’s progression. As recruitment consultants who are partnered with companies that are ploughing the way for the future, we know exactly what type of skills to foster in our candidates.


4.     They can help you when hiring for short-term projects


Most employers are used to hiring permanent, full time employees but this isn’t always cost effective, especially when hiring for a short term project. We can provide your business with the necessary talent to fill short term positions allowing you to scale up/down production whenever necessary.


5.     They help you save time and money


The primary reason most businesses engage the services of recruitment agencies is to save time and money. The traditional recruitment process is not a quick one and is definitely not cheap. Worse yet, it takes some key people away from their responsibilities to screen potential applicants.

Technical resourcing services like ours can take away most of the hassle, leaving you with the best candidates in the shortest amount of time. It’s also beneficial to know upfront how much your recruitment process will cost, versus trying to do this yourself and ending up spending more budget and more time than desired.  

We are unique

Embedded Expertise is particularly unique in that we are a SAGE Group Company. This means we can tap into our sister companies – who are leaders in automation, control systems, industry 4.0 and digitisation – to find the best talent and knowledge in the market.

Our technical resourcing experts have a wealth of experience recruiting in the industrial sectors which allows them to source quality candidates, every time.