Embedded Expertise helps clients to optimise capacity and respond to opportunities quickly. We provide fast and reliable access to high-calibre resources - how and when you need them.

We help extraordinary technical talent to find interesting and diverse work, beautifully suited to specific skill sets and values.

Whether for leave cover, spike demand or a business-critical project, we strive for a perfect fit, which means happy clients, and happy contractors.


Join our community to access the best opportunities.


Access the best-fit technical talent, when you need it.

Embedded Expertise supports lean, intelligent operations by supplying just-in-time resources for even the most strategic of projects.

Our pool of high quality engineering candidates gives you fast and reliable access to even the most niche and experienced of resources, so you can take control of your delivery schedule.


We are industry participants with a deep network of relationships, underpinned by our genuine care for employees, contractors and clients.


Our access to a high-quality pool of talent, coupled with our understanding of client needs, provides an agile, responsive matching service.


Decades of experience in recruiting technical talent, both for ourselves and for our clients, means you'll always get fit-for-purpose and fit-for-culture talent.

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