The Embedded Wellness and Optimise Program empowers our experts to become innovative problem solvers who achieve great things. We help you to reach your full potential with:

  • Talent Managers who match your unique skills with high-impact projects

  • Ongoing one-on-one support

  •  Access to our Wellness Toolkit, specifically designed for people working in tech and industrial engineering


Develop your professional and personal skills


Wellness Toolkit

Our Wellness Toolkit prepares you for success beyond the workplace, helping you navigate stressful situations, live a healthier life, and take advantage of your strengths for personal and professional success. With the skills you gain, you will feel prepared to take on the exciting challenges your career throws at you.


Grow your network

We offer you the opportunity to network and connect with other industry professionals, so you can grow professionally and build your network. With regular networking opportunities, you too can become a leader in your field.


Coaching and support

We help you reach your full potential with professional development that aligns with your goals and experience. With coaching from SAGE Group approved technical professionals, you will learn how to overcome and grow from challenging situations, communicate more effectively, and stay on the path to success.

Embedded- Expertise-Experts-access-app-EE

Proactive Action app 

Our Wellness Program partner, Proactive Action, has an app that supports career growth, performance, and development. Gain usable tools that help you to prioritise tasks, manage yourself and your team effectively.

The app has an exclusive member’s section, featuring tailored content for Embedded Experts to access. Download the app for free via the App Store and Google Play.




The scientifically-backed program for your growth

Modern research into neuroscience and neuroplasticity tells us that we no longer need just to accept what we have inherited or learned. We can transform our emotional and mental abilities at any time.

Embedded Expertise’s Wellness and Optimise Program gives our experts the opportunity to continually improve their personal and professional capabilities, which in turn, gives our clients better outcomes. We care about the success of our experts and are proud to have pioneered a program that enables them to meet and surpass challenges in both their work and personal lives.


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