Exceptional talent deserves exceptional opportunities. As an Embedded Expert, you are matched with projects that maximise your skills, expertise, and professional experience. When you join our pool of technical experts, you receive ongoing career support and entry into a world of career-changing projects that are so much more than “just another job”.

You deserve roles and workplaces which align with your skills, values and aspirations, with a high standard of care and remuneration. Through our experienced and innovative approach to resourcing and job-matching, you will be rewarded with enjoyable projects, satisfying work, a supportive culture and competitive rates throughout your career.

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Enhance your career

We support and enhance the career growth of Australia's leading industry experts and provide customised career enhancement opportunities to all our experts.

Career coaching

Take charge of your career by learning how to navigate challenging situations, build confidence, and enhance your leadership skills.

Industry training

 Maintain a dynamic career by continuing your learning and keeping up to date with the latest developments in your field.

Networking opportunities

Get to know the SAGE Group teams, network with industry professionals, and receive personal and technical mentoring from industry leaders.

Wellness and Optimise Program

Our Wellness and Optimise Program empowers you to become more resilient, solve problems, and thrive in different environments.


"Embedded Expertise has been highly professional and honest about my role. Now, 11 months into the position their staff remain very close to me and we have met several times to review how the role is going and to make sure I am still enjoying it. I have attended various functions and I feel Embedded Expertise has genuinely cared about the alignment being 'right'. I have worked on many contracts and have never felt such a genuine level of interest and care. I would highly recommend them".

Automation Coordinator

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From world-class professional and personal development to a wide, supportive community: there are many reasons why experts like you choose to partner with Embedded Expertise.

Interview and CV Prep

Put your best foot forward with assistance in CV and interview preparation, career advice, and cultural fit assessments.

Fortnightly Connection

Fortnightly mentoring calls allow you to ask questions and get advice on your career and current projects from experienced industry professionals.

Build Your Network

Connect with other experts and industry leaders at SAGE Group events to build your network and advance your career.

Personalised Coaching

Receive individual coaching to help you hone your skills, accelerate your career and differentiate yourself from the crowd.

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