Embedded Expertise was started in recognition of the often instant demand for top technical people for business-critical resourcing.


Spearheaded by Virginia Williams, Embedded Expertise draws on her 20 years of recruitment experience in technical fields, spanning several top-tier firms in the UK and Australia.


Embedded Expertise is now a SAGE Group company - a name synonymous with exceptional skill and innovation in the fields of engineering, drafting, intelligent systems, automation and control.


This fusion brings an unrivalled understanding of our clients’ environments to see what clients need at all stages of their business, and can help predict where challenges may lie.


This kind of planning ensures our client businesses are equipped with the right talent at speed, enabling them to meet high-pressure demands.


Perhaps more importantly, Embedded Expertise goes beyond a simple contract placement. We encourage a knowledge transfer onsite that ensures you are farming a growing field of in-house experts as well.


Just as new blood brings innovation and new perspectives, your team has the ability to take on new knowledge and adapt it to your current systems. It’s a win-win situation of expertise, embedded into your organisation.


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