Expert Success Story: C-suite expert matched with utilities client

Embedded Expertise,

Read how a highly experienced Senior Executive engaged Embedded Expertise to secure a placement in an off-market role when his seniority within his discipline and industry made it difficult to find work. 


Senior Executive


Our Tasmanian-based expert candidate was a highly experienced executive who was finding it difficult to secure a position due to his seniority within his discipline and industry.

How we solved it

After a few months of working with two of our Talent Managers (Vic and QLD based), we secured a placement for the expert in an off-market role, for one of our regular clients in the utilities sector. Because the expert was highly skilled, he had limited options at that level in the current job market. Our connections and relationships with clients enabled us to present him to multiple companies and to secure an off-market contract role.

"It was an amazing feeling of satisfaction for me to help this expert," Senior Talent Manager Tudor Morrow said. "It is also a great example of how strong relationships with both client and expert can offer mutually beneficial outcomes. We are in the business of helping people," he said.

"Tudor and Rajeev were both awesome! They listened well and understood what I was looking for. They served me highly relevant positions that were not advertised and presented me to clients I would not have access to myself. I'd highly recommend Embedded Expertise to anyone looking for a well-connected partner who genuinely cares about the individual." — Senior Level Expert


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