Client Success Story: Control system engineers enable covid-commissioning

Embedded Expertise,

Read how a global logistics company engaged Embedded Expertise to source a team of hard-working control system engineers to deliver major commissioning when COVID-19 disrupted their plans.


Global logistics company


A global logistics company faced major skills and resource shortages while building a major automation dispatch center. Their plans to bring in resources from overseas for commissioning were disrupted due to covid travel restrictions, and deadlines were slipping. The end customer was getting frustrated.

How we solved it

We were able to provide the client with a team of engineers who were prepared to work extra long hours to get the project delivered on time and to a satisfactory level. This was done through our strong network of engineering talent. We leveraged our sister company, SAGE Automation, and drew on existing talent pools that are continually developed.

Role/s filled

Control system engineers

Contract length

6 months

Client Testimonial

"You've really dug us out of a hole! We're so pleased with how you managed to solve our problem in such dire circumstances. We'll be using Embedded in the future."  — Project Manager

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