Project Manager role filled within a week

Embedded Expertise,

Read how we ensured our large-scale utility client filled a critical, regional Project Manager role requiring a niche skillset within a week.

Client Challenge 

A large-scale utility company was trying to fill a regional Project Manager role to run a selection of critical capital projects. The role required a specialist skill set that was proving hard to find. 

Despite interviewing multiple internal and external candidates and utilising other talent providers, the company had no success filling the role for more than eight months.

The project was substantially delayed due to being unable to find the right technical resource to fill this critical role. It was at this point that the client reached out to Embedded Expertise for support.

How we solved it

Having a brief but thorough discussion with the client to better understand the specific experience, technical skills, and onboarding requirements for the Project Manager role, our Talent Manager quickly set out to find the right person for the job.

We presented multiple high-quality candidates within just seven days, with one of these individuals being selected to fill the critical role. Supporting the onboarding project, we supported the organising of additional training requirements prior to beginning work, along with relocation requirements for this regional role.

The placed resource was able to ramp up the project within a very short timeframe and is currently hitting project milestones. The client has been pleased that the expert has additionally had the capacity to undertake side projects which were previously shelved, due to his skills and experience.

Role/s filled

Project Manager.

Contract Length

12 month contract.

Client Testimonial

“Embedded Expertise’s professionalism in presenting a capable candidate quickly and providing onboarding was highly valuable. We’ve been very pleased with the expert’s performance and ability to rapidly pick up the project.”


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